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Our upcoming events are listed below:

Flying Monsters 3D
Sat 12/20/14 1:00PM
Sat 12/20/14 3:00PM
Sun 12/21/14 1:00PM
Sun 12/21/14 3:00PM
Mon 12/22/14 1:00PM
Mon 12/22/14 3:00PM
Tue 12/23/14 1:00PM
Tue 12/23/14 3:00PM
Wed 12/24/14 1:00PM
Fri 12/26/14 1:00PM
Fri 12/26/14 3:00PM
Sat 12/27/14 1:00PM
Sat 12/27/14 3:00PM
Sun 12/28/14 1:00PM
Sun 12/28/14 3:00PM
Mon 12/29/14 1:00PM
Mon 12/29/14 3:00PM
Tue 12/30/14 1:00PM
Tue 12/30/14 3:00PM
Wed 12/31/14 1:00PM
Wed 12/31/14 3:00PM

Sea Monsters 3D
Discover the extraordinary marine reptiles from the dinosaur age. Eighty million years ago the American Midwest resided under a great inland sea where colossal creatures ruled the waves.
Sat 12/20/14 2:00PM
Sun 12/21/14 12:00PM
Sun 12/21/14 2:00PM
Mon 12/22/14 12:00PM
Mon 12/22/14 2:00PM
Tue 12/23/14 12:00PM
Tue 12/23/14 2:00PM
Wed 12/24/14 12:00PM
Fri 12/26/14 12:00PM
Fri 12/26/14 2:00PM
Sat 12/27/14 12:00PM
Sat 12/27/14 2:00PM
Sun 12/28/14 12:00PM
Sun 12/28/14 2:00PM
Mon 12/29/14 12:00PM
Mon 12/29/14 2:00PM
Tue 12/30/14 12:00PM
Tue 12/30/14 2:00PM
Wed 12/31/14 12:00PM
Wed 12/31/14 2:00PM

2014 Exhibits

Banff Mountain Film Festival
Tickets go on sale Thursday, December 11, at 10 am.

For more than 20 years, screenings of highlights from the famous Banff Mountain Film Festival have been among National Geographic Live’s most popular events. Join us for a thrilling selection of the world’s best films on mountain sports, culture, and remote destinations.

Films for Monday, January 26

Cerro Torre: A Snowball’s Chance in Hell
Danny MacAskill: The Ridge
Delta Dawn
Forgotten Dirt
Just Keep Running
Happy Winter
Mending the Line
Sun Dog

Mon 1/26/15 7:00PM
Tue 1/27/15 7:00PM
Wed 1/28/15 7:00PM
Thu 1/29/15 7:00PM
Fri 1/30/15 7:00PM
Sat 1/31/15 7:00PM

Inside Spinosaurus
You’ve seen Spinosaurus onscreen, on the printed page—and life-size at the National Geographic Museum! Now go behind the scenes of our popular exhibition Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous, with Nat Geo explorer Nizar Ibrahim, renowned paleontologist and the prehistoric monster’s “rediscoverer!” You’ll be part of a small group enjoying an exclusive, personally guided tour of the exhibition—getting the inside story of how Spinosaurus was reconstructed from both historical documents and new discoveries in the Moroccan desert. Afterwards, share more paleontology stories at a private reception in the Museum.

Co-presented with the National Geographic Museum.

Tue 2/10/15 7:00PM

It's What I Do
Go on assignment to the world’s most dangerous conflict zones with a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. Lynsey Addario has survived death threats and two kidnappings to bring back powerful images from hotspots such as Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan for National Geographic and the New York Times. She’ll share the heart-pounding reality of working in war zones, and explain what keeps her going back to places most of us would never venture.
Tue 2/17/15 7:30PM

Climbing China's Karsts
What happens when a veteran National Geographic photographer unites with a team of top climbers for an expedition to China? Get the full story when Matt Segal, one of the most sought-after expedition climbers, joins Carsten Peter, who has taken images of our planet’s most extreme places, and climber and filmmaker Cedar Wright. The team will share images, video and adventures—as well as the inevitable misadventures—from a China journey they took last year. There they climbed limestone karsts in an otherworldly dreamscape rarely experienced by Western climbers—and documented it all to share with us!
Thu 2/19/15 7:30PM

Deep in the Okavango
Last summer, National Geographic explorers Steve Boyes and Jer Thorp led a “live data” expedition across Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Combining dugout canoes and GPS, and sharing all their data in real time, their team traversed this challenging wetland—while thousands around the world followed online. Boyes, a South African conservationist dedicated to preserving rare birds, learned about the Okavango from the Bayei Bushmen. Multi-disciplinary artist Thorp gives meaning and narrative to data through the creation of visualizations, sculpture, performance, and interactive tools. Follow them into an untouched paradise.
Thu 3/5/15 7:30PM

Jungle Treasures
Journey through the world’s exotic and vibrant tropics with Christian Ziegler, a photographer who explores the rain forests in which he lives and works. Trained as a tropical ecologist, Ziegler has spent months living in the jungle canopy to get closer to his subjects: most recently, he lived in a fig tree in the Amazon. Chronicling the lives of bonobos in the Congo basin and the giant, flightless cassowaries of Australia, his skills as a naturalist enable him to capture vividly intimate images of jungle inhabitants and the plants that sustain them. Ziegler’s fascinating photo essays have graced ten stories for National Geographic.
Tue 3/10/15 7:30PM

WILD with Cheryl Strayed
Bestselling writer Cheryl Strayed’s work has been described as “courageous, gritty, and deceptively elegant.” Her popular memoir Wild—now a major motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon—tells the story of the most impulsive decision of her life: dropping everything to hike a thousand-plus miles of the Pacific Crest Trail alone. Join Strayed and Nat Geo Traveler editor at large Don George as she reflects on her life-changing experience on the trail and her career as a writer.

Book sale and signing to follow.

Co-presented with National Geographic Traveler.

Wed 3/11/15 7:30PM

EFF Eric Moe Award
Catch some of the year’s must-see environmental films and meet two award-winning filmmakers as the Eric Moe Sustainability Film Award returns to our stage. Now in its second year, this prestigious international award competition recognizes short films that explore innovative solutions to balancing the needs of humans and nature. See the winner, Silent River, and two other films created to change how we think about our planet. The complete lineup can be seen at nglive.org/ericmoeaward.

Silent River (USA, 2014, 25 min.), exposes how U.S. companies have used Mexico’s Santiago River as their own “waste canal.” The documentary follows a young woman and her family as they defy death threats to try to save one of the most polluted rivers in Mexico. Directed by Jason Jaacks and Steve Fisher.

Seeding A Dream (USA, 2014, 15 min.) highlights Sheepscot General Store & Uncas Farm, a famously fertile piece of land in Maine that had produced food for centuries-and once boasted its own store. It has been revitalized into a thriving community food hub by two young farmers who continue to face financial challenges. Directed by Bridget Besaw.

Reaching Blue: Finding Hope Beneath the Surface (Canada, 2014, 22 min.) follows a writer, an oyster farmer and an ocean scientist in the Salish Sea, who find their coastal way of life under threat and evaluate the challenges they face with the help of imagery from deep-sea submarines, advanced ocean research vessels and drone cameras. Directed by Ian Hinkle.

Thu 3/19/15 7:30PM

Monster Fish
Go on a fishing trip like none you’ve ever experienced with aquatic ecologist Zeb Hogan, National Geographic explorer and star of the Nat Geo WILD series Monster Fish. He’ll share behind-the-scenes adventures and real “fish stories” from scientists and the locals who live along the banks. And you’ll discover what it takes to catch these amazing aquatic behemoths, as also told through interactive and life-size sculptures in the National Geographic Museum’s new exhibition Monsterfish: In Search of the Last River Giants.

The National Geographic Museum will be open until 7:15 p.m. prior to this event.

Thu 3/26/15 7:30PM

Nobody's River
In 2013, four women embarked on a kayak expedition down an untamed—and largely unknown—river in remotest Asia. Join Amber Valenti, a veteran river guide, and Krystle Wright, a photographer who specializes in shooting extreme sports, to hear about their wild ride on the Amur River. The two teammates joined forces to paddle the free-flowing river, which runs 2,700 miles from Mongolia through Russia to the Sea of Japan. Along the way, they experienced raw beauty juxtaposed with industrial wastelands, devastating personal loss, and unbridled joy. And, they discovered that the journey planned is rarely the journey taken.
Thu 4/2/15 7:30PM

We Are What We Eat
For a National Geographic story on the evolution of diet—part of National Geographic’s Future of Food initiative—acclaimed French photographer Matthieu Paley traveled the world in search of our ancestral ties to the food we eat. From the Bolivian rain forest to Greenland’s icy waters (and just about everywhere in between), Paley went on a quest to find some of the most ancient human diets still being eaten today. Enjoy his at-the-table stories and remarkable images where food itself takes center stage.

Follow Paley’s global food journey from the mountains of Afghanistan to the arctic tundra of Greenland, the steamy jungle of Bolivia, the crystalline waters of the Sulu Sea, and the rugged peaks and valleys of northern Pakistan on Proof, National Geographic’s online photography journal.

Wed 4/15/15 7:30PM

Chasing Ancient Mysteries
National Geographic explorer Albert Lin has pioneered the use of cutting-edge imaging technology—combined with crowdsourcing that harnesses the power of thousands of volunteers—to search for the tomb of Genghis Khan in Mongolia, Maya sites in Guatemala, and the lost Malaysian jetliner. Lin combines digital technology with old-fashioned on-the-ground exploration to solve both historical and modern mysteries. Enjoy Lin’s journey into the heart of Mongolia where 200,000 of his new best friends, and a few local shamans, pointed him in the right direction.
Thu 4/16/15 7:30PM

Evolution of a Photographer
Versatile photographer Robert Clark has documented high-school football for the book Friday Night Lights and criss-crossed the U.S. documenting its beauty and diversity with a cellphone camera. From his rooftop in Brooklyn he photographed the famous sequence on 9–11 showing the second plane striking the World Trade Center. For Nat Geo, Robert has created innovative methods of photographing such wide-ranging diverse topics as the evolution of dogs, the life of Charles Darwin, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, and secrets of the world’s greatest taxidermists. Follow a great photographer’s personal journey from newspapers to National Geographic, and learn what makes a master photographer.
Tue 4/21/15 7:30PM

Marcus Off Duty
Go behind the scenes with one of today’s most creative chefs—and find out what he cooks at home! Marcus Samuelsson, the James Beard Award winning owner and chef of Harlem’s Red Rooster, is famous for drawing on his Ethiopian/Swedish background to craft innovative recipes for his diverse and knowledgeable clientele. From turning Swedish food into a culinary sensation to putting his own twist on American comfort food, Chef Samuelsson has truly made his own mark. He’ll share his unique story in a conversation with Nat Geo Studios executive producer Pam Caragol Wells—followed by a reception featuring some of Samuelsson’s favorite recipes, from his bestselling book Marcus Off-Duty.
Thu 4/23/15 7:00PM

Biking Afghanistan
Be inspired by an activist and adventurer who takes risks to stand (and ride) for women’s rights. An avid mountain biker—and a 2013 National Geographic Adventurer of the YearShannon Galpin became the first woman to mountain bike in Afghanistan, where the culture forbids women from riding. Not satisfied with breaking barriers on her own, she launched Strength in Numbers to support Afghan women bikers who, against the odds, have formed a national cycling team. Hear about the triumphs and pitfalls of projects aimed at introducing women to adventure, and bringing hope and change to this war-ravaged country.
Tue 5/5/15 7:30PM

Wild Seas, Secret Shores
Dive into the world’s last truly wild marine environments with Thomas Peschak, a photographer who is a leader among the new generation of National Geographic’s underwater photographers. Peschak’s award-winning images portray rarely seen underwater realms, such as the unexplored coasts of his native Africa and the seas off Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest. Glide with him through rich ocean habitats teeming with sharks and manta rays, and discover a vibrant submarine world you never knew existed.
Tue 5/19/15 7:30PM

Gorongosa Reborn
A childhood in East Africa gave Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Bob Poole a fierce curiosity about the natural world as well as an adventurous spirit. Now, for a new, 6-part PBS/Nat Geo International series, Bob is drawing on that experience to document the rebirth of a lost Eden: Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park, a jewel of Africa’s parks system until civil war almost destroyed it. There, he joined forces with rangers and scientists (including his sister, renowned elephant researcher Joyce Poole), on perhaps the biggest conservation project on the planet—and learned that the wild places we’ve broken can be put back together.
Thu 5/21/15 7:30PM

Evening of Exploration
Be part of one of National Geographic’s most inspiring annual events—the Explorers Symposium—at an evening that celebrates the amazing confluence of science and exploration. Listen in on in-depth conversations between established National Geographic personalities and the next generation of explorers as they reveal their stories, discoveries, and ongoing pursuits. Tickets to this event are limited, so secure your seats while they last!
Tue 6/9/15 7:00PM