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2016 Exhibits

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The Hidden World of Sharks
Photojournalist Brian Skerry shares his recent discoveries about one of the most elusive and threatened creatures on the planet: the shark.
Thu 11/3/16 7:30PM

Telluride Festival
Telluride Mountainfilm returns to D.C.! Over two unique evenings, enjoy a rich selection of films moderated by the festival director, David Holbrooke.
Fri 11/4/16 7:30PM
Sat 11/5/16 7:30PM

Wild by Nature
Journey on the trail with explorer Sarah Marquis as she shares her remarkable story of adventure, persistence, and human ingenuity.
Wed 11/9/16 7:30PM

Life Without Borders
Photographers Becca Skinner and Robbie Shone reveal how social media is helping them show you some of the world’s hidden wild spaces.
Sat 11/12/16 7:30PM

FotoWalk Robbie Shone & Becca
See the city like you’ve never seen it before. Discover urban wild spaces with National Geographic photographer Robbie Shone and Becca Skinner.
Sun 11/13/16 2:00PM

Experience the breadth of National Geographic storytelling in a series of six short films by and about our explorers and photographers.
Sun 11/13/16 7:30PM

Photographer Cory Richards takes you along on his ascent of Mt. Everest in the world’s first “snapumentary.”
Wed 11/16/16 7:30PM

Where Love is Illegal
Photographer Robin Hammond shows how platforms like Instagram are making it possible to amplify important stories and connect with audiences like never before.
Fri 11/18/16 7:30PM

FotoWalk Robin Hammond & Brock
Learn how the LGBT community in Washington, DC, has leveraged technology and the power of visual storytelling to change the world.
Sat 11/19/16 2:00PM

Savage Kingdom
Raised in Botswana's bush, filmmaker Brad Bestelink grew up alongside his homeland's predators—wild dogs, hyenas, leopards, and lions—all battling for survival. He turned his instinctive visual eye to capturing electrifying footage of clashes between rival clans, as well as images of mesmerizing tenderness and beauty.
Mon 11/21/16 7:30PM

Between River and Rim
Writer Kevin Fedarko and photographer/filmmaker Pete McBride set off on an audacious and demanding adventure this year: to transect the length of the canyon on foot.
Thu 12/8/16 7:30PM