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Flying Monsters 3D
Sat 10/4/14 1:00PM
Sat 10/4/14 3:00PM
Sun 10/5/14 1:00PM
Sun 10/5/14 3:00PM
Sat 10/11/14 1:00PM
Sat 10/11/14 3:00PM
Mon 10/13/14 1:00PM
Mon 10/13/14 3:00PM
Sat 10/18/14 1:00PM
Sat 10/18/14 3:00PM
Sun 10/19/14 1:00PM
Sun 10/19/14 3:00PM
Sun 10/26/14 1:00PM
Sun 10/26/14 3:00PM
Sat 11/1/14 1:00PM
Sun 11/2/14 1:00PM
Sun 11/2/14 3:00PM
Sat 11/8/14 1:00PM
Sat 11/8/14 3:00PM
Sun 11/9/14 1:00PM
Sun 11/9/14 3:00PM
Sun 11/16/14 1:00PM
Sun 11/16/14 3:00PM
Sat 11/22/14 1:00PM
Sat 11/22/14 3:00PM
Sun 11/23/14 1:00PM
Sun 11/23/14 3:00PM
Mon 11/24/14 1:00PM
Mon 11/24/14 3:00PM
Tue 11/25/14 1:00PM
Tue 11/25/14 3:00PM
Wed 11/26/14 1:00PM
Wed 11/26/14 3:00PM
Thu 11/27/14 1:00PM
Fri 11/28/14 1:00PM
Fri 11/28/14 3:00PM
Sat 11/29/14 1:00PM
Sat 11/29/14 3:00PM
Sun 11/30/14 1:00PM
Sun 11/30/14 3:00PM
Sat 12/13/14 1:00PM
Sat 12/13/14 3:00PM
Sun 12/14/14 1:00PM
Sun 12/14/14 3:00PM
Sat 12/20/14 1:00PM
Sat 12/20/14 3:00PM
Sun 12/21/14 1:00PM
Sun 12/21/14 3:00PM
Mon 12/22/14 1:00PM
Mon 12/22/14 3:00PM
Tue 12/23/14 1:00PM
Tue 12/23/14 3:00PM
Wed 12/24/14 1:00PM
Fri 12/26/14 1:00PM
Fri 12/26/14 3:00PM
Sat 12/27/14 1:00PM
Sat 12/27/14 3:00PM
Sun 12/28/14 1:00PM
Sun 12/28/14 3:00PM
Mon 12/29/14 1:00PM
Mon 12/29/14 3:00PM
Tue 12/30/14 1:00PM
Tue 12/30/14 3:00PM
Wed 12/31/14 1:00PM
Wed 12/31/14 3:00PM

Discovering the Photo Archives
Wed 11/19/14 7:00PM

Bird Walk Adventure
Join National Geographic and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for a unique trip to the Eastern Shore to discover the sea life and waterfowl of our region and how it relates to our local cuisine. Begin the day with breakfast and a private viewing of the exhibition Food: Our Global Kitchen. Then board a private coach for Solomons Island to hop on a boat for a cross-bay excursion exploring crab pots, trot line techniques, aquaculture, and waterfowl of the region with National Geographic author, illustrator, bird expert, and editor Jonathan Alderfer. Enjoy a picnic lunch of local, sustainable seafood at an oyster hatchery on Hoopers Island and take in the natural landscape and ecosystem that makes the meal possible.

Jonathan has contributed paintings to the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, and co-authored the sixth edition in 2011. He has written and edited numerous bird books for National Geographic, most recently Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America and Bird-Watcher’s Bible. A native Washingtonian, Jonathan has spent years scoping out the best locations to spot the most impressive and rare regional birds.
Sat 10/18/14 8:00AM

The Historic Hubbard Hall
Join National Geographic head chef Matthew Crudder for a local, sustainable dinner in the historic Hubbard Hall, the first headquarters of the National Geographic Society. Inspired by the exhibition Food: Our Global Kitchen, this evening will feature a guided five-course meal with local wine, beer, and cider pairings. As you dine, Archivist Renee Braden will share the history of National Geographic and discuss its rich relationship with food.

Must be 21 or older; ID required.
Thu 12/4/14 7:00PM

Sea Monsters 3D
Discover the extraordinary marine reptiles from the dinosaur age. Eighty million years ago the American Midwest resided under a great inland sea where colossal creatures ruled the waves.
Sat 10/4/14 12:00PM
Sat 10/4/14 2:00PM
Sun 10/5/14 12:00PM
Sun 10/5/14 2:00PM
Sat 10/11/14 12:00PM
Sat 10/11/14 2:00PM
Mon 10/13/14 12:00PM
Mon 10/13/14 2:00PM
Sat 10/18/14 12:00PM
Sat 10/18/14 2:00PM
Sun 10/19/14 12:00PM
Sun 10/19/14 2:00PM
Sun 10/26/14 12:00PM
Sun 10/26/14 2:00PM
Sat 11/1/14 12:00PM
Sun 11/2/14 12:00PM
Sun 11/2/14 2:00PM
Sat 11/8/14 12:00PM
Sat 11/8/14 2:00PM
Sun 11/9/14 12:00PM
Sun 11/9/14 2:00PM
Sun 11/16/14 12:00PM
Sun 11/16/14 2:00PM
Sat 11/22/14 12:00PM
Sat 11/22/14 2:00PM
Sun 11/23/14 12:00PM
Sun 11/23/14 2:00PM
Mon 11/24/14 12:00PM
Mon 11/24/14 2:00PM
Tue 11/25/14 12:00PM
Tue 11/25/14 2:00PM
Wed 11/26/14 12:00PM
Wed 11/26/14 2:00PM
Thu 11/27/14 12:00PM
Fri 11/28/14 12:00PM
Fri 11/28/14 2:00PM
Sat 11/29/14 12:00PM
Sat 11/29/14 2:00PM
Sun 11/30/14 12:00PM
Sun 11/30/14 2:00PM
Sat 12/13/14 12:00PM
Sat 12/13/14 2:00PM
Sun 12/14/14 12:00PM
Sun 12/14/14 2:00PM
Sat 12/20/14 12:00PM
Sat 12/20/14 2:00PM
Sun 12/21/14 12:00PM
Sun 12/21/14 2:00PM
Mon 12/22/14 12:00PM
Mon 12/22/14 2:00PM
Tue 12/23/14 12:00PM
Tue 12/23/14 2:00PM
Wed 12/24/14 12:00PM
Fri 12/26/14 12:00PM
Fri 12/26/14 2:00PM
Sat 12/27/14 12:00PM
Sat 12/27/14 2:00PM
Sun 12/28/14 12:00PM
Sun 12/28/14 2:00PM
Mon 12/29/14 12:00PM
Mon 12/29/14 2:00PM
Tue 12/30/14 12:00PM
Tue 12/30/14 2:00PM
Wed 12/31/14 12:00PM
Wed 12/31/14 2:00PM

2014 Exhibits
Thu 10/2/14
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Sun 12/28/14
Mon 12/29/14
Tue 12/30/14
Wed 12/31/14

Chasing Rivers
Proof that passion, hard work, and guts matter more than your gear or where you went to school, Pete McBride has taken pictures from the cockpit of a WWI-vintage biplane and the underside of an iceberg. McBride was named a Freshwater Hero by National Geographic for his work photographing, filming, and advocating for great rivers worldwide. The Colorado, featured in his award-winning film Chasing Water, flows through majestic landscapes but stopped reaching the sea years ago until this past March. And the Ganges, India’s sacred waterway, is revered as a god but polluted by the people who worship it.

Book signing to follow the event.

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Wed 10/8/14 7:30PM

Big Wave Rider
Experience the world of giant waves and learn how Greg Long, a surfer and one of Nat Geo’s 2013 Adventurers of the Year, overcame his fears to ride them again. An international surfing champion famous for searching out the world’s biggest waves, Long finally met his match in 2012 when a monster wave off the coast of California wiped him out and nearly drowned him. Pulled unconscious from the water, he quickly returned to competition—but continued to be tormented by doubt and fear. He’ll share his inspiring journey of self-discovery and healing, along with his ongoing exploits pressing the limits on massive waves.
Thu 10/9/14 7:30PM

DJ Spooky's Arctic Rhythms
Experience the Arctic as never before through the eclectic artistry of composer, author, musician, and National Geographic 2014 Emerging Explorer Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky. Long a legend in the hip-hop world as a master turntablist, Miller is a sonic artist who hears music in almost everything, from visual forms and economic theory to the great outdoors. In Arctic Rhythms, a world-premiere performance inspired by a recent Sierra Club-sponsored expedition. Miller and guest musicians will offer an evocative multimedia trip to the Arctic landscape, juxtaposing images with live and recorded hip-hop, electronic, and minimalist music to create an unforgettable experience.
Fri 10/10/14 7:30PM

Leaving Time With Jodi Picoult
Delve into the life and mind of one of America’s most popular and prolific contemporary writers, Jodi Picoult, as she discusses her latest work, Leaving Time. This new novel combines elements of a mystery thriller with a plot that could have been taken from the pages of National Geographic—featuring a heroine unraveling the suspicious disappearance of her mother, a prominent researcher who studied grief among elephants. In conversation with National Geographic Traveler contributing editor at large Don George, she’ll share some of the story behind the book, including her own trip to Botswana to learn more about the crisis facing Africa’s elephants.

Book signing to follow the event. Add a copy of Jodi Picoult's book Leaving Time to your order and pick up the night of the event.

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Wed 10/15/14 7:30PM

Spinosaurus: Lost Giant
It was the largest predatory dinosaur, with spike-shaped teeth and a body over 50 feet long.“It” was Spinosaurus, and although it was a giant among dinosaurs, its fossils eluded scientists for decades. Now two dedicated paleontologists, Paul Sereno and National Geographic 2014 Emerging Explorer Nizar Ibrahim, are reconstructing a complete skeleton of this prehistoric giant that was bigger than T. rex. Almost as amazing as Spinosaurus itself is the story of how this monster was rediscovered a century after its bones were first unearthed and later bombed into oblivion in the chaos of WWII.

The National Geographic Museum will be open until 7:15 for viewing of the exhibit Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous.
Thu 10/16/14 7:30PM

Wild Food Walk
Sun 10/19/14 8:00AM

An Evening with Top Chefs
Listen in as four DC restaurant veterans swap fascinating tales from inside the restaurant industry, from rookie line cooks to difficult customers, to the power of food and the role of communion in our human family. Moderator Barton Seaver is a National Geographic Fellow and director of the Health and Sustainability Food Program at Harvard. James Beard Award winner Ann Cashion owns several critically acclaimed area restaurants. Michael Curtin is CEO of DC Central Kitchen. And Rock Harper became a national star when he won the reality show Hell’s Kitchen. The conversation will be followed by a reception hosted by DC Central Kitchen.

Book signing to follow the event. The National Geographic Museum will be open until 6:45 for viewing of the exhibit Food: Our Global Kitchen.

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Tue 10/21/14 7:00PM

People of the Horse
Explore the unique bond that exists between the horse and Native American culture through the eyes of a National Geographic photographer and a master horseman. Erika Larsen focuses on cultures that maintain strong connections to nature. Leo Teton of the Shoshone-Bannock tribe is a lifelong rider who became a champion of the famed Indian Relay horse race. Together, they’ll offer a lyrical and provocative look at the role horses play in Native American life, as documented in Larsen’s story in the March 2014 National Geographic.

Book signing to follow the event.
Wed 10/22/14 7:30PM

Alone Across the Outback
In 1977, a young Australian named Robyn Davidson embarked with a dog and four camels on a quixotic expedition across the island continent through the barren, unforgiving terrain of the outback. Without fanfare or publicity, Davidson’s trek seemed just an odd personal adventure until a young photographer named Rick Smolan crossed her path, and their story captured the imagination of National Geographic readers. Now retold in the major motion picture Tracks and the new book Inside Tracks, Davidson’s unlikely journey is inspiring a new generation. Hear the true inside story from Smolan himself at this special event.

Book signing to follow the event.

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Fri 10/24/14 7:30PM

Exploring Mars
Tue 10/28/14 7:30PM

Zombie Parasites!
What if, unbeknownst to you, someone—or something—was controlling your behavior for its own nefarious ends? This nightmare scenario gets acted out over and over across the natural world, from insects to fish—even mammals—as mind-sucking parasites compel their hosts to nurture and protect them. For a close-up look at this horrifying (but fascinating!) phenomenon, science writer Carl Zimmer (author of Parasite Rex and a National Geographic blogger) will join photographer Anand Varma for an evening of unbelievably stunning, and sometimes shocking, photography and weird (but true) science.

Get in the Halloween spirit! Dress as a zombie for a chance to win a prize.
Wed 10/29/14 7:30PM

The Geography of Food
Thu 10/30/14 7:00PM

The Art of the Matter
Meet a boundary-pushing artist and fashion designer who has turned her prodigious talents to combating wildlife trafficking and protecting the planet. A “creative conservationist” and National Geographic 2014 Emerging Explorer, Asher Jay has produced art for projects like a crowd-funded billboard in Times Square and a public awareness campaign in China, both opposing the trade in blood ivory. Join her for a wild ride on the Serengeti, including lively face-offs with elephants, lions, and zebras, as she unveils her stunning multimedia project on African wildlife, Beyond the Frame in Focus.
Tue 11/4/14 7:30PM

From Farm to Table
For the cover article in the May 2014 issue of National Geographic, veteran photographer Jim Richardson was given the task of photographing the true heroes of our hungry planet: the often obscure, faceless people who bring the food we eat forth from the Earth. It was a daunting undertaking, which took him from the vast wheat fields of the Great Plains to a potato harvest high in the Andes, and from emerald rice fields in Bali to sweltering fields in sub-Saharan Africa to document humanity’s biggest enterprise—feeding the planet.

The National Geographic Museum will be open until 7:15 pm for viewing of the exhibit Food: Our Global Kitchen.

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Wed 11/5/14 7:30PM

Telluride Festival
Capture the excitement of the latest great films on adventure, extreme sports, and mountain culture as we present two nights of the best of Mountainfilm in Telluride. Since 1979, this festival held high in the Rockies has been one of the major events on the adventure film circuit, attracting climbers, athletes, and filmmakers from around the world. Over two evenings, festival director David Holbrooke will join us in DC to present the best of this year’s festival, held annually in late May.
Fri 11/7/14 7:00PM
Sat 11/8/14 7:00PM

Okee Dokee Brothers
Enjoy a musical celebration of the natural world with the Okee Dokee Brothers! Childhood friends who grew up exploring the Rocky Mountain landscapes of their Denver backyard, Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing put their passion for the outdoors into the heart of their Americana folk-inspired music. Touring with their new CD Through the Woods—on the heels of their Grammy-winning children’s album Can You Canoe?—they’ll captivate you with their witty lyrics, rootsy instrumentals, sing-along harmonies, and catchy vibe.

Presented in conjunction with Geography Awareness Week, November 16–22. Join the fun on our basketball-court sized map in the Dining Hall at 2 PM!
Sat 11/15/14 3:00PM

EAT: The Story of Food
Revel in gustatory pleasures with highlights from Nat Geo TV’s new show EAT: The Story of Food! Brooke Runnette, President of Nat Geo Studios, will share highlights from the docu-miniseries, which tells the story of how food has defined human civilization. She’ll then join in a lively discussion with one of Washington’s most celebrated chefs, José Andrés, along with series Executive Producer Nicole Rittenmeyer, and primatologist and author of Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human, Richard Wrangham, who maintains that the secret to big brains is cooking. Followed by a reception featuring a sampling of foodie favorites!

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Mon 11/17/14 7:30PM

Delectable Pairings
What is it about strongly aromatic, washed-rind cheeses—fondly known as stinky cheeses—that sends discerning foodies into ecstasy? And what drink can best take on the challenge of complimenting these pungent powerhouses? Find out as Steven Jenkins, the legendary cheesemonger for Fairway Market, joins cutting-edge sommelier Joshua Wesson and James Beard Award-winning brewmaster Garrett Oliver when wine and beer fight it out for the honor of accompanying the most flavorful cheese on the planet. (Select food pairings accompany each cheese.)

Presented in conjunction with Geography Awareness Week, November 16–22. Must be 21 or over to attend, ID required. Book signing to follow the event.
Tue 11/18/14 7:00PM

This is Your Brain on Nature
Join three National Geographic explorers as they team up to discover the power of nature on your mind. Hear the latest surprising research around “Nature Deficit Disorder” from marine biologist Tierney Thys. Learn how forest canopy researcher Nalini Nadkarni uses nature to help prison inmates become calmer. Try on inventor Tan Le’s innovative headsets to monitor the emotional state of your brain when looking at deserts, forests, oceans, and cityscapes. Discover the science behind nature’s health effects, and how we can enhance them.

Interactive demo to follow.
Thu 11/20/14 7:30PM

Hidden Heart of Africa
Writer Peter Gwin has embedded himself with Tuareg rebels, and photographer Marcus Bleasdale has brought the world face-to-face with the use of forced labor to mine precious rare metals. They went to the Central African Republic, where hostility between Seleka and Anti Balaka militias has torn the country apart. In conversation with the director of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Jon Sawyer, they’ll offer insight into a country largely overlooked by the Western media.

Please note: This presentation contains graphic images suitable only for mature audiences.
Fri 11/21/14 7:30PM

Journey of the Jaguar
Meet Alan Rabinowitz—a true conservation hero of our time—and enter the world of the mysterious jaguar, which has captured the imagination of humans since ancient times. CEO of the big cat advocacy organization Panthera, Rabinowitz has worked passionately to protect big cats for almost 30 years, much of it spent in the field seeking out these majestic animals in order to show the world their mesmerizing beauty. He’ll report on what he’s learned about these wild felines and the traditional cultures that still revere them—and share the story of how a childhood encounter with a jaguar changed his life.

Book signing to follow the event. Learn more about our Big Cats Initiative at CauseAnUproar.org.
Mon 11/24/14 7:30PM

People of Everest
Long thought of as loyal companions to generations of Himalayan mountaineers, the Sherpa people and their culture have been overlooked as foreigners focus exclusively on reaching summits. In this special event, climber and Everest veteran Conrad Anker will offer his insights into the relationship between climbers and Sherpas—a sometimes strained relationship exacerbated by the tragic avalanche of April 2014. He’ll be joined by photographer Aaron Huey, who documented the contemporary Sherpa culture for the November 2014 National Geographic, and Lakpa Rita, a leader of the Sherpa climbing community.
Mon 12/1/14 7:30PM

The Art of Photographing Food
Tue 12/2/14 7:00PM

Risk Takers
Why do we do it? What makes an explorer face danger and yet press on when others would turn back? Inspired by an article in the September 2013 National Geographic, a panel moderated by writer Pat Walters will reveal why they put themselves in jeopardy in pursuit of their mission. Participants include virologist Victoria Jensen, herpetologist and National Geographic 2010 Emerging Explorer Zoltan Takacs, archaeologist and National Geographic Fellow Sarah Parcak, extreme filmmaker and kayaker Trip Jennings, and climber Peter “Mr. Everest” Athans.
Wed 12/3/14 7:30PM

An Irish Christmas
Celebrate an Emerald Isle holiday as Moya Brennan returns by popular demand with a new selection of musical gems for the season. After catapulting to fame as the voice of the renowned group Clannad, Moya Brennan has become one of the most recognizable voices in Irish music. Inspired and illustrated by photographs of Ireland taken by her husband, Tim Jarvis, at the time they first met, the show offers holiday tradition and a dash of romance. Become part of one of Nat Geo Live’s most enduring traditions and join us for a memorable evening of music and imagery.

Special performance by the Culkin School of Traditional Irish Dance. Enjoy seasonal fare before the show for sale at the NGS Café.
Sat 12/6/14 3:00PM
Sat 12/6/14 7:00PM

Earlier this year, famed climber Alex Honnold and climber/filmmaker Cedar Wright summited 45 rock towers, biked 700 miles through Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona, and climbed and rappelled more than 12,000 vertical feet of rock. They called this agonizing journey and resulting film Sufferfest 2—the sequel to a previous biking-and-climbing adventure in California, their film of which was a hit at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. But this was suffering with a purpose: to support a $40,000 Navajo Solar Project funded by Honnold. Share the laughter and spare yourself the blisters and bruises as these two happy road warriors recount their latest adventure.

Community Partner: Earth Treks Climbing Centers. Co-presented with National Geographic Adventure.

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Wed 12/10/14 7:30PM

Ocean Wild
Immerse yourself in the latest amazing stories from beneath the waves as a master underwater photographer reports on his most recent assignments for National Geographic magazine. Brian Skerry’s surprisingly intimate portraits of marine life have captured the imagination of a generation. From a new look at dolphins suggesting these graceful creatures are even more intelligent than we thought, to a profile of the powerful bluefin tuna, Skerry’s camera illuminates long-held mysteries of the deep. And a story on ocean farming uncovers new sources of food for the 21st century.
Thu 12/11/14 7:30PM

Holiday Fiesta with Cambalache
Celebrate the holidays Veracruz-style with the festive rhythms and melodies of Cambalache. Based in East L.A., Cambalache (meaning “exchange”) has become a world music sensation playing the exciting son jarocho style from the southern Mexican state of Veracruz. For this special holiday dance party in the National Geographic Dining Hall, the group will play Mexican Christmas songs and teach us the fandango dance style—an energy-fused Latino tradition to jump-start your season!

Mexican munchies, margaritas, and other beverages for sale!
Fri 12/12/14 7:30PM